i swore i saw the da da da guys
drive by in their jetta
the night my wondertwin showed me
how to really paint my soul

it’s only out of habit that these words
come to me when i think about
red desert sand and the earth below

the shooting stars tell me that
god does exist
whether i call him that or not
whether it’s him or her or not

with this hand i can reach 3000 miles out or in
with this hand i could deliver my sins
but i always forget the name for that place
that space i’ve never been

and these goosebumps deserve a better name
but i’m tired and i’m hungry and
that thought went and came

still fires are burning on the desert by accident
waiting for someone to come home
to glance at my soul
to giggle with delight
“now, baby, we’re on a roll”


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