i am basking in the power of humility
which is a paradox i suppose
but last week is today and
tomorrow could’ve been yesterday
if i preferred pedestals to picture frames

but just like brendan and his lover
we are guilty
we are dangerous
and i like to live like
i could actually think like that

i can share a BBQ potato chip moment
with pavel and call him my friend
my brother in mesquite
because he is of the sort that
understands that sort of thing

dennis i think it was dennis
he said he was happily pixelated
at the bottom of a bottle
looking down or around
but isn’t that us in there
sitting right there next to him?

scanned in and broken down
from the sum of unequal parts
into happily digestible pixels
picture cells
provided to us by a tube
you know… that tube
fed our trust without question
fed while we choke on that tube
till we stop reading the ingredients on the label
because we trust
that the FDA wouldn’t want to hurt us
because those are my goddamned tax dollars

i’m just like my pop really
but don’t tell him that i winked
when i told you so

still some of us notice that there are
three cabs lined up on third street at the bowery
and some of us see the fires unattended
out of instinct i lean forward
out of history you know that this means to kiss me


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