it is sometimes okay to sleep alone
because it is sometimes known
that we are never really alone

i am only now sort of approaching and negotiating
this whole “do what i want” thing
and it is a strange taste
but practice makes perfect
because this time i just wanted to walk away
i just wanted to be somewhere else
and to know that in my bed
i was alone with a love
that never seems to leave me alone

because sometimes i remember times never better
and most times i accept that sometimes
it’s simply okay
to just have good times

cuz poetry sings to me on saturday night
whether i’m lashed or not
and it just so happens
that i am
and have been
in so many ways
huhn huhn huhn

but tha dj playz da funk
and an empty bar empties itself
of drink and i told you
i told you i had juu-juu about this week
i said so
and so it was
so it was the blind playing the blind


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