passing through


just for a second you caught a fleeting glimpse of me
behind that heaving slammed door and just for a second
i think you understood what it means to be me

for thirty seconds or slightly more i believed in a man
who believes i have the power to change the world
and if that feeling is replaced by hangover in the morning
at least i have these words to serve as my memory
or my warning

because thirty minutes ago my wallet went walking again
and for the first time ever i just laughed at its wanderlust ways
before picking up the phone to call citibank and say
no no no no no more

but twenty-five minutes later my wallet found a mommy
this time from tennessee on the upper east side
a few blocks from my first apartment
my first encampment
in the city that i learned takes care of its own
whether with tunafish or swordfish
it is there

i wrapped two arms around its plastic sheathed coating
and danced on the bed screaming that i was
in love in love in love love love

out the window and through the door into my love
it held me close and wrapped a blanket of sticky steamed heat
around me just to remind me that enough time had passed
to let a lil streak of summer peek in


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