[vacation notice!]


i’m currently in italy (!!!) with only limited internet access, but will hopefully be posting much, much italia-inspired work upon my return… if i return. ;-)


nickels, dimes and pennies


my floor has an insatiable
                appetite for loose change
these are the souvenirs of
                the places i’ve been
change is only loose when
                presented in cold hard form

the reality of change i’ve made is piling
                up in a bucket over in my bedroom
these are the the pieces that
                i have left
from the times i’ve given over
                something larger

so maybe when the bucket is full i’ll go
                out and slam it
down on a counter and ask
                if it’s enough



good food will flood needy bellies
if the stars align and tell us that
it’s okay now
it’s safe now

god smiled at me last night
in the last place i’d expect it
and with fever pitch i tingle
just like my face does when
i eat starchy thick mashed potatoes

it’s with a quiver that i shudder
to think that i could be convinced that
this was all wrong
and not the right way
to eat my heart’s content
and to give till my belly is full
of laughter and song

winter in may


the winter doesn’t seem to want to leave us, i fear
so pack up your things and run clear of the storm clouds
cuz the sun is still shining on rivington street
even tho people try to sell me something i don’t need
smack replaced by libations and greed and other things i can’t afford
and still
it seems
the winter doesn’t want to leave us



it’s another blank page, here
it’s another chilly morning with this
little brown leather book staring at me
daring me
seething, “i know what you did last night
so tell me baby, you got the guts
to tell it right?”

i tried
i tried it out there i did
but it all leaves a bad taste in my mouth
where a geyser the size of old faithful used to be
and he said…
he said he was disappointed in me

i can lie reeeeeeallllll easy believe me
but there are these truths that i hold to be self-evident
even if you don’t
cuz self-evidence is all the evidence i need these days
even if you doubt
so please
don’t press me for something that
won’t ever follow the rules