february 15, 2003


it was the weekend of love and peace
on the day colored red and decorated with flowers by tradition
we were tinted orange for “safety”
and decorated with fear
some of us held steadfast in this city
knowing what the Truth was
and held our own private vigils of love
in the peace of our minds

by evening it was clear
that we were in the clear
on what they implied would be
the last night of our lives
so we did what we always did
drank a beer
laughed with love
and kissed goodnight

in the morning the sun greeted us
and infused our soon-numb feet with fire
when it was time to dance to the rhythm of peace drums
love and passion for life lifted us
through the newly militarized zone of midtown manhattan
we held true on our promise
to stay on the sidewalks
while we exercised the most American right of all

but the sidewalks burst open to the streets
and it soon became clear
that they were not ready
for such a voluptuous volume of love to erupt
after dousing some flames with the denial to march

but they were ready for violence
they incited it themselves, don’t let them fool you

they penned us in like animals
and lest we forget
we humans are indeed animals
and will carry out our natural duty to act as such
when trapped and caged
and denied our basic human rights

with horses and mace they drove us back
flaunted smug power against absolute reason
in china we would have been killed immediately
but we are not in china
we are in america
land of the free
and the first amendment
is it enough to be simply not dead?

they broke us with time and weather
they separated us
stopped us
held us down and took us away
but it was the weekend of love and peace
so we fought back unarmed
and pushed through to remember
all those who had pushed before us
and finally stood in the rally cage with millions worldwide

we sang our love with swollen throats
and danced for peace on broken feet
never to be tamed by the unjust


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