airport wine and car rides


airport wine and car rides flow
uneasily across lanes and veins
of disconcerted thrills
i sit in the smoking place philip morris
has so congenially provided me and
an older classy lady lights her virginia slim
squinting wrinkles out
and i fall hook, line and sinker for the PR party line
they have generated this plastic jazz and these art deco tables
for me to suck down my sorrows
the water they give is cloudy then clear
will you still love me when i wrinkle
with smiles and cigarettes of youth?
we are gambling with our lives, you said
and i’m putting it all on black
the black of your hair your eyebrows your eyelashes
and the red of your passion comes up black unending
swallowing and welcoming me into the fear
of making one wrong move
billie sings on the wall with no trace of heroin eyes
santizied for this corporate formica
and a mural captures a previous essence of New York
in two towers and a bridge
forever aglow with possibility


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