i wipe sweat off your forehead
you are feverish at heart
the air has suddenly turned
stifling and muggy and muddy
choking our thoughts
fresh air comes in the form
of a breeze of honesty
your sleepless form hides
under my skin and bones but
i will let my heart beat through


5:30 to frankfurt


a coffeehouse on wheels takes me
up and across back down through lands
efficiently quartered off
punctuated suddenly by small villages
known for their red roofs and stringent ways
only a train station here and there
reminds me that this trip will come to and end
and i want to ask the waiters how much they earn
maybe this is a living that can steal me away
from my favorite place on earth thus far
i look in the window and three faces
stare back at me in ghostly presence of
times past, times now, and times yet to come
ten years have passed but somehow
the only thing that’s changed is the ten years
that show themselves mysteriously in
new laugh lines around my eye corners
it’s never too late
to make something new

airport wine and car rides


airport wine and car rides flow
uneasily across lanes and veins
of disconcerted thrills
i sit in the smoking place philip morris
has so congenially provided me and
an older classy lady lights her virginia slim
squinting wrinkles out
and i fall hook, line and sinker for the PR party line
they have generated this plastic jazz and these art deco tables
for me to suck down my sorrows
the water they give is cloudy then clear
will you still love me when i wrinkle
with smiles and cigarettes of youth?
we are gambling with our lives, you said
and i’m putting it all on black
the black of your hair your eyebrows your eyelashes
and the red of your passion comes up black unending
swallowing and welcoming me into the fear
of making one wrong move
billie sings on the wall with no trace of heroin eyes
santizied for this corporate formica
and a mural captures a previous essence of New York
in two towers and a bridge
forever aglow with possibility



striking a match is an art
and the curve of your shoulder into your neck rising
is music to my ear
as i unfold each fear
lay it splayed out in front of you
vulnerable aggression seeps out
in bursts of frightened tantrums
evolving rapidly
into ecstasy

you call me by my name so unfamiliar
to non-ancient ears ringing with humility and haste

for the first time i am aware that it is me
who provides the mystery
and it is me then
who treads warily
answering to a name that has no definition
having to accept blindly that all is right
and all is good
having nothing to hold on to but trust in you
in the expanse and kindness
of our love