do you remember a time
when you felt impassioned?
having nothing to do
with another’s own passion?
having nothing to do
with true love of another
having only to do
with yourself, not others?

do you remember what it was like
when you were young?
you wanted to play,
just to play and have fun
there was no scale at all
for you to measure
whether fun was correct
or business was pleasure

do you remember freedom,
not justice and liberty
free as in free
unbound from misery
which has no meaning
in the concept of freedom
if you choose to let go
of your concept of kingdom

do you remember innocence?
no, not like first kisses
not like first touches
or tense near-misses
those things are all
too far far along
already caught up
in right, good and wrong

do you remember the free flow
of thought in your head?
a moment when no one
kept making their bed
out of folds and creases
that make up your brain
the free flow was yours
without any shame

do you imagine like me that
this all could exist
that it could be more than a whim
more than a tryst
in philosophical endeavours
and late-night pursuits
that it could only mean pleasure
to be accepting of you
to forsake the glass shell
that’s been built since birth
to dive deep in your well
your essence your earth

there’s a moment in time
right before sleep
when all is forgotten
and surrender complete
look for that moment
with wide passionate eyes
in each beating moment
lies exalted surprise


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