unearthly things


the clouds are screaming past the
skyscrapers at lightning speed
like nothing i’ve seen before
the low-flying lengths of them
speed out and through while
the highers ones just sorta sit there
and watch them fly by
the buildings and people
on the ground ignore them
with unending passivity
caught up with the inner workings
of earthly things that keep them so busy
the clouds pass me by barely
noticing me watching them
cruise through on their search
for the next big skyline to grace
peetering out to sea before they ever
make it there
i wonder where i want to be
here on earth, up there with them
or higher still, hanging motionless
watching with pleasant aloofness
as it all happens too fast
good wine would be sipped
not slugged back like whiskey
and booze but you know what
it still makes you drunk
if you’ve had enough
i’ve had enough, enough of screaming
past people and buildings on a
quest for the next big thing
to grace my unearthly presence with
but i don’t want to float so far away
that i can’t touch it and be it
when i want to
nor do i want to find myself
so caught up in these earthly things
that i can’t think anymore to stop
and watch the clouds flee the city
so i guess i’ll just stand here and
think about clouds and very bad things
and wait for the next big thing
to scream for me


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