guilt by association


“you seem so happy”
what an ambiguous phrase for
one to say to another when the
conversation falls short of meaning
we shift back and forth on shy feet
and refuse to capture any other moment
but i heard you chuckle when i
looked down to intently stir my drink
was that a chuckle of resignation?
i missed the body cue
were you asking me to end this
uncomfortable guilt by association?
or were you instigating, conspiring
to commit another act of treason?
someone else thankfully caught my
span of attention and i was released
from the tension ties that bind us

you know, there was a time where
we were thankfully wrapped up inside
those ties, bound but certainly
not gagged, were we?
we were sunken inside of each other
swimming, drowning in guilty pleasure
but that has long since past, years now
and here we are face to face
guilty by association
shifting on shy feet
inundated with those flashbulb memories
poof pop i was on top
blink squint the chill of the wind
light flash how long did we last

so you stir your drink intently now
i dig in my pocket for a lighter
and walk away before this non-conversation
puts me on trial yet again
but not without feeling the twinge and shiver
of the lustful look you threw my way


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