wine and roses


what were we saving ourselves from, i ask you?
we didn’t know enough of each other to understand
the mechanism of the rescue.
your miserable marriage, perhaps.
my unrequited longing for another, maybe.
i’d like to think that you went home to her with
fresh, clear eyes and a new determination to
repair the vows you took, that you were a noble but
fallen knight who kneeled before his beautiful princess
upon his return and begged for her to give it one more try.
i pray for you to be treating her like the queen you
treated me as that night.
i hope you’ve taken those romantic notions and
simple hand squeezes to the woman who deserves them.
i wish that you’d think of me as the one who showed you the way,
and i dream that such a knight as you will come prancing
through my real life someday
when the nights of wine and roses are far long gone.


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