starlite starbright


starlite starbright
first star i see tonight
what on earth could i possibly wish for
on this crystal clear and tragic night?

i saw with my own human eyes the
hole they tore in the Twins
the gaping wound pulsing vomiting
smoke and flames debris falling
i stood there drool trickled
off my lips leaving my head parched
speechless for once i suppose

i made my calls answered the phone
answered the screams when
they howled at how the first
mighty Twin toppled stumbled slid
into the concrete canyons
of Lower Manhattan

i screamed i wailed i cried
but the question i could not ask was

from the rooftop desperation’s view
we saw them jump we heard
a little poof, barely audible
right before the second Twin gave up
and slipped into the river of smoke
his brother started twenty minutes before

some man, some fucking analyst
on the radio had the balls to
talk about our Twins affecting
the market the sluggish economy
and on the teevee they said ridiculous
things like they always do
and i started to cry again for
the people who fought to
come here escape the madness that
just doesn’t happen in America

someone talked about how we
could unite the country under
this wet blanket of tragedy
but i know it will always be
us against them
they who are not us

i feel violence and vengeance
in my too-hot blood for the first time
and i remember this morning
how my necklace didn’t look right
and how i didn’t wanna drag my ass to work
and how i was pissed off because
just by lookin’ at the Dunkin Donuts
i knew they weren’t fresh

the sirens have been singing and
screaming all the sunny day
and every time a plane flies low
we all stop, stare and wait
this is what they wanted from us
the innocent and free


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