sunrise on the east river


sunrise on the east river
beside a sleepy FDR
some runners are starting their morning routine
and i’m just ending the nightshift
brought to you by an ancient soul lost
now home
inside a city of 9 million

what can i say to this?
how can a shaky pen and feeble wobbly lips
express what i mean to feel inside the other
words that come out?
it’s only been five minutes but
the sky changed itself five times

the arch of the williamsburg bridge points
to where i might look to find answers
to questions i don’t have yet

maybe i’m not the only one
who gets to experience this joy
freedom abandon of an ancient soul
but inside my head at this
juncture of moonlight daylight
traffic concrete trees squirrels
trash river wispy fall clouds
it’s all mine
and i can taste it

i know i’ll move on i know the
lives i’ve led and that the future
can only surprise
if not entertain me

the street lights are closing their
eyes and the weight of my body
reminds me i’m still human

but in ten minutes the
universe changed itself ten times


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